SAXX Underwear stop men inadvertently adjusting themselves.
And when that happens, we all feel more comfortable.

Campaign targeting gamblers on the verge of becoming problem players. 

Children form info-graphics to communicate the
alarming stats currently facing Canadian kids.

As any American president can attest, TV is a powerful medium.
Campaign for The Bessies.

Remember Future Shop? Sadly this ad didn’t turn
their business around, but it did sell a lot of laptops.

MTS, a telecommunications company, asked us to
promote their adult entertainment channel “Amour”.
Here are a couple favourites.

Ad for BC Lions written while flying back from
an ad shoot that didn’t go well. It was very cathartic.

This is the first time the ASC ever made a commercial better.
They insisted the rats have little parachutes on their backs for safety.

People are skeptical of anything free.
People are skeptical of people too.

Milk wanted a fact-based campaign to address misinformation about their product.
To keep it entertaining, we launched a fact & fiction campaign.